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Imperfect - Tikki Turtle's Quest

In Tikki Turtle's Quest, Tikki is searching for the perfect place to lay her eggs. Where do her friends have their young? Beginning far out in the deep blue sea with whales and dolphins, Tikki’s search brings her closer and closer to shore.

Young readers will learn that some sea creature “young ones” begin life as microscopic eggs too tiny for you to see, while others are as big as a car at birth! Help Tikki find the perfect place to lay her eggs…

Back cover pictorial information on new life in the ocean, from microscopic eggs that are either scattered or contained – to dolphins, whales and Eagle Rays who are born resembling their parents. 

 **  IMPERFECT books may include a tiny scratch, slight dent, small misprint or other minor damage... but are still perfectly functional books. All Sales Final.

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Imperfect - Tikki Turtle's Quest