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Gill McBarnet is one of Hawaii's top children's books authors, and for many years her stories and illustrations have captivated island youngsters and young visitors to Hawai'i. The McBarnet family lead an active life in Hawai'i, enjoying island life from the ocean to the forests to peaceful Upcountry pastures. 
Gill started writing and illustrating children's books over 35 years ago, and now daughter Tara has joined the business.
Both Gill & Tara have backgrounds in teaching - Gill was an elementary school teacher and Tara a 0-3 Montessori Guide.  While Gill creates her rainbow of books, Tara focuses on the business development and marketing. 
Gill draws inspiration for her stories from the people, animals and lifestyle that surrounds her in Hawai'i, particularly her children (Eddie, Will and Tara) who have been giving her ideas, since they were “tiny tots”. Now Gill finds inspiration in the next generation, her grandsons! 
Gill has explored a variety of island themes:  From a whale who wanted to be small;  to geckos who like to play hide and seek;  to turtlesmermaidsseals and a naughty shark, and many of her books have been best sellers in Hawai'i.  "The Goodnight Gecko" is presently Gill's #1 bestseller, and her newest book "Our Island Home" has detailed illustrations of life in Hawai'i from a child's viewpoint, with an underlying love and appreciation of Hawai'i.  
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Gill & Tara