Hoku the Seal's Three Wishes: A Seal Craft by @Perhaps_This_Is

Hoku the Seal's Three Wishes: A Seal Craft by @Perhaps_This_Is

Aloha!  I’m Charlene, homeschool momma, wife, book lover and family travel blogger.  My family and I have visited Hawai’i several times and are simply fascinated by its coral reef and endemic, often endangered, wildlife.  


One of our favorite creatures is the Hawaiian Monk Seal which is estimated to have a population of only about 1,400, throughout the entire Hawaiian Islands chain.  


After reading “Hoku the Seal’s Three Wishes”, we were inspired to create this Hawaiian Monk Seal painting to celebrate the beauty of the Hawaiian Monk Seal and its habitat, as well as, the message of the story.  By using a footprint and several household items to paint with, we were able to create a beautiful, textured coral reef for our little Hoku to explore... that’s just as unique as he is! 

 Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 6:


We would love to share more of our Hawaiian adventures with you!  Please visit us on Instagram @perhaps_this_is or at PerhapsThisIs.com to learn more about Hawaii family travel, homeschool life and eco-friendly living.

Mahalo!  ~Charlene



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